Property Management

property management

Even if at first it may seem simple, managing property will often prove difficult, especially for owners who do not have the necessary time or know-how.

It may seem surprising, but a property with good rental potential can have a yield of up to 50% lower if not managed properly. To maximize the profit offered by a rented property (commercial or residential), you must take into account the maintenance costs, the duration of occupation by the tenants, taxes, and many other elements. Also, the time to invest is considerable, especially when you need to find a new tenant.

We all know how stressful it is when you have to present yourself to dozens of viewers, to be always available for questions, to evaluate potential tenants, then to go through the bureaucracy related to drafting and registering contracts… We add to these the permanent need for investment in property, repairs, potential damages, monitoring of receipts, and maintenance costs and we quickly get a complete job description for additional job - job for which you certainly do not have time.

That's why the Allimob team comes to your aid, offering you a full range of property management services, which will save you both time and money. How can we help you?

  • Meetings and visits management for rent
  • Proper evaluation and promotion of your property
  • Preparing the property for rent
  • Drafting contracts and managing rental negotiations
  • Evaluation of potential tenants - individuals or companies
  • Support for the bureaucratic process of paying the tax or registering the lease
  • Managing monthly payments and monitoring the correct payment of utility bills
  • Management of unforeseen situations such as damage, necessary repairs, needs of tenants
  • Managing the conclusion of a contract and handing over the apartment, evaluating the condition of the building for the calculation of the guarantee

Basically, you will not have to do anything but enjoy the profit produced by your property.

Property management is a job in itself and it is not necessary to take on this chore yourself. Allimob is the team of professionals who can help you in all respects when you want to capitalize on a property.


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